Exiled CD cover

Music of the Sephardic Jews and the Middle East. Instruments include Medieval harp, vielle, oud, recorder, saz, shawm, Medieval bagpipes, percussion, rauschfifen and voice. Released in 2007. Total CD length: 75:00. $22

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Click the highlighted tracks below for sound samples.

  1. Palo nel Ostinato del Basso/CSM 100
  2. Cuando el Rey Nimrod
  3. Cuando el Rey-Dance
  4. El Rey de Francia
  5. Rio Pasaxe
  6. Shoosh Bar
  7. Si Verias
  8. Dance Real II
  9. Kaaurdilicaz Longa
  10. Amodo Seran
  11. Salterello I
  12. Quantas Sabedes
  13. Trotto/Salterello II
  14. Atesh Tanz
  15. En Kelohenu
  16. Gaudete/Dunje Rajke
  17. El Rey de Francia-Instrumental