Pilgrimage CD cover

Medieval Spanish songs of the Blessed Virgin. Instruments include Medieval harp, vielle, oud, recorder, saz, shawm, Medieval bagpipes, percussion and voice. Released in 2005. Total CD length: 68:38. $22

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Click the highlighted tracks below for sound samples.

  1. CSM #100: Santa Maria Strela do Dia
  2. CSM #100 dance
  3. CSM #346
  4. Los Set Goyts-Estampie
  5. Alle Psallite Cum Luya
  6. CSM #42
  7. CSM #322
  8. Mariam Matrem/CSM #1
  9. CSM #166
  10. Cuncti Simus-instrumental
  11. CSM #159
  12. CSM #159 dance
  13. Inperayritz-instrumental
  14. Mariam Matrem
  15. CSM #167