Compiled by Steven Hendricks and Al Cofrin.
For a list complete with addresses and phone numbers, please email Al Cofrin.


Instruments, Supplies, Music

American String Teachers Assoc./Merz-Huber Co. (Instrument Insurance)
630 Fairview Rd., Swarhmore, PA 19081
Phone: 610-544-2323

Ardival Harps

Antique Sound Workshop (not recommended)

Beekhuizen, Paul (historical bagpipes)

Boston Catlines (superior gut strings)

Brown, Lawrence K. (lute family, highly recommended)

Cofrin, Al (excellent Renaissance & Medieval dance collections)

Courtly Music Unlimited (sheet music and recorders)

Cronin Double Reeds (top of the line & relatively low cost shawms in authentic D & G tuning)

Dennis, Karl (violin & vielle maker)

Early Double Reed Service (double reed maintainance supplies)

Early Music Shop in Bradford, UK (good source for used instruments)

Elder, Lyn, Luthier – Lyn Elder Workshop (Lutes, Viols, Early fiddles, Hurdy-gurdies, Gittern, Cittern, Sitole, Psalteries, Miscellaneous Brass & Woodwinds)
74 North Street, Bristol VT 05443
Phone: 802-453-3625

Forrester, Peter Lutes (lute & cittern family)
20 Beechwood Ave., Alymerton, Norfolk NR11 8QQ,
United Kingdom
Phone: 01144-126 383 7711

Foster, Dan (lutes, etc)
707 Harding Ave., Blacksburg, VA 24060
Phone: 540-953-1561

Gamut Music

Goodacre Historical Pipes

Grabenstein Bows (Renaissance & Medieval bows)

Harms Historical Percussion (best Medieval & Renaissance side drums)

Hathaway, Paul (lute family, vielles, citterns)

Hendricks Music (great Renaissance arrangements)

House of Musical Traditions, Inc. (Mid-East Mfg. distributor)

Hubbard Harpsichords, Inc.

Kelischeck Workshop for Historical Instruments

Kingham MTM Cases

Kopp, Jim Double Reeds (dulcian reed maker)

Lark in the Morning (instruments – you get what you pay for, pretty good Mid-East saz, David Brown knows Middle Eastern instruments)

Larson, Dan (strings & stringed instruments)

Lazar’s Early Music (instruments)

Lehmann, Bernard (lute, vielle & rebec family)

Lewandowski, Lynne (harps, lyres, monochords, psalteries)

Melody’s Traditional Music & Harp Shoppe (modern folk harp, Ren fifes, dumbeks, bodhran, bowed psaltery)

Mid-East Mfg, Inc. (low cost mid-east percussion)

Moeck Wind Instruments (excellent recorders & double reeds)

Morse-Brown, Owen (vielles)

Eric Moulder Double Reeds (shawms, dulcians)

Najarian Music (extremely fine ouds $800-1800)

Olympic Instruments (hurdy-gurdies, highly recommended)

OMI-Old Manuscripts & Incunabula

Pringle, John (viols)

Joel Robinson (double reeds, Med/Ren bagpipes)

Saraband Music (specialist retailer & publisher of early music, fine modern editions & facsimiles, gut strings, baroque bows)
Request a catalogue – state what instrument you play. Teacher of viola da gamba.

Sweet Pipes (best prices for plastic Aulos Baroque recorders & flutes)

Thurau, Rainer M. (harps)

Village Bazaar (professional quality mid-east percussion)

Von Huene Workshop, Inc. (highly recommended for new & used wind instruments)

Zuchowicz, Dominik (viols, violins)

Zuckermann Harpsichords, Inc.


More Instrument Maker Lists

Medieval Music & Arts Foundation

Early Music America’s List


Early Music Festivals

Amherst Early Music Festival (highly recommended)

Boston Early Music Festival

Vancouver Early Music Programme & Festival

European Festivals Association

Utrecht Early Music Festival

Texas Toot

San Francisco Early Music Workshop

Early Music America’s list of workshops around the world


Early Music Groups

The Boston Camerata

Anonymous 4

The Consort of Musicke


Early Music Organizations & Publications

American Recorder Society

Early Music America

The Historic Brass Society

The San Francisco Early Music Society